Priorities for action

The challenges facing the plastics industry, and society as a whole, are complex, but there are also very significant opportunities to drive positive change. To help address these challenges the WPC is focused on the following priority action areas.


Solutions to Marine Litter

The WPC works in partnership on a wide range of initiatives to prevent the leakage of plastics into our oceans, and is pressing for urgent measures to address the structural causes of marine pollution, including the lack of collection and recycling of municipal waste.

The Global Plastics Treaty

The plastics industry is committed to an ambitious, country-driven Global Plastics Agreement with a targeted goal to ensure access to proper waste management, eliminate leakage of plastic into the ocean, and promote circularity.


Basel Convention

The Basel Convention is currently the only legally binding global instrument that aims to protect human health and the environment by controlling the transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and other wastes with specific guidelines on the environmentally sound management of plastic wastes.

A science and innovation driven approach

The members of the World Plastics Council are heavily engaged in addressing the global challenges facing the plastics system, as both individual companies and through partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders.

Science and innovation, which is in our industry’s DNA and has helped us to successfully respond to all the challenges we have faced in the past, plays a fundamental role in our industries response to these global challenges.

These are some of the industry changing innovations that are helping us reach a more sustainable future. Our member companies and partner organizations are taking new steps all the time, so keep checking back to learn about the latest.