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Plastics waste management & prevention

The value of plastics – used almost everywhere – has also created one of its most significant challenges. Plastics do not belong in our environment, food or drinking water. We believe any plastics waste in the environment is unacceptable.

Plastics & Circularity

The circular economy is about recognising and capturing the value of plastics as a resource, with the least impact on the climate. Over recent years, Plastics Europe has accelerated the transition to a circular economy, among other actions.

Plastics & Innovation

Developing high-quality and high-performance products and solutions that are sustainable can be highly complex and challenging. It requires innovative technologies and some of the best scientists, engineers and most innovative minds, and has been the bedrock of the leaders of our industry for over a century.

Plastics & Sustainability

We should not only look for easy solutions; fixing one problem today and creating another tomorrow. Long-term vision is important, as is the need to act with urgency and to work collectively towards shared goals.

Plastics: A large family

Plastics comprise a large family of materials which can be classified into various types. Learn more about the different kinds of plastics and their particular applications and benefits.
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