Our Priorities

The Global Plastics Treaty

The plastics industry is committed to an ambitious, country-driven Global Plastics Agreement with a targeted goal to ensure access to proper waste management, eliminate leakage of plastic into the ocean, and promote circularity.

The Global Plastics Agreement is a significant opportunity to ensure society continues to benefit from plastics without additional plastic waste ending up in the environment through the creation of a circular economy that works for every country.

Plastic manufacturers are already investing in circular infrastructure and innovation, but a truly collaborative approach and enabling framework are needed to accelerate the transition to circularity and are core to the Treaty’s success.

The WPC has an important role to play in fostering this collaboration by building bridges and helping to find a common purpose with the United Nations, governments, value chain partners and NGOs participating in the negotiations.

Working closely with these stakeholders, the WPC is also identifying solutions and building understanding of the policy and other measures required to address the problem of plastic pollution and accelerate a circular economy for plastics.