Plas-TIC – Empowering the plastics circular economy through information

Plas-TIC is a free digital platform created by Acoplásticos dedicated to advancing the plastic circular economy. It has been developed to share innovation, action and information about circularity in plastics and promote awareness of the topic to the public and plastics sector alike.

The platform provides a comprehensive repository of information from global organizations, universities, industry leaders, research centers and government entities.

Circular plastics content and collaboration with a Colombia focus

Plas-TIC aggregates a wealth of content on plastic circularity, including information on recycling technologies, eco-design, sustainability practices, training, standards and regulations, and success stories from around the world, specifically focusing on Colombia.

The platform offers:

  • Access to market studies, material prices, news, and events related to the circular economy landscape in Colombia.
  • Innovation highlights from technological surveillance and business news, highlighting national and international advancements.
  • Insights into Colombia’s circular economy standards and regulations – alongside international references.
  • Infographics and videos spotlighting impactful initiatives within the plastics market, both domestically and globally.

“Plas-TIC has been developed through digital media, with a wide reach and easy access to all interested stakeholders (businessmen, entrepreneurs, students, recyclers’ organizations, public employees, investors, and plastics industry employees). It is an easy-to-navigate platform, at no cost to participants and users”.

Daniel Mitchell, President of Acoplásticos

Engaging stakeholders to drive plastics innovation

Plas-TIC demonstrates how digital communication can encourage positive change and promote sustainability. By providing access to information and fostering collaboration, Plas-TIC plays a pivotal role in advancing the circular economy agenda, both nationally in Colombia and on a global scale. Over 600 news articles, reports, projects, and programs have been shared on Plas-TIC since its inception. To date, the platform has garnered significant traction, with over 220,000 views and 108,000 users accessing its resources. In addition, a complementary newsletter has over 2,500 subscribers. By bringing together curated content, Plas-TIC provides:

  • Collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the industry by allowing a diverse range of stakeholders to share their initiatives related to plastic circularity and fostering a community-driven approach to tackling plastic waste.
  • A centralized resource for the latest information and emerging trends in plastic circularity.
  • Industry players, policymakers, educators, and entrepreneurs with practices to drive sustainable practices and innovation in the plastic sector.
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