Our Priorities

Operation Clean Sweep®

Over 60 countries have committed, and acted, to reduce plastic resin loss to the environment through Operation Clean Sweep®, by implementing responsible plastics stewardship and active monitoring.

Public service materials including industry Best Available Techniques (BAT) catalogues under the banner of Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) were distributed to companies nationwide to raise awareness and drive action to improve pellet handling practices.

The message was simple: Resin should be contained, reclaimed and/or disposed of properly. It’s time to refocus all members of our industry’s supply chain on this problem and to expand the OCS initiative to solve it.

“The loss of plastic pellets in our ecosystems in unacceptable, and the need to mitigate unintentional pellet loss is a priority issue for the industry and wider value chain.“

The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and PLASTICS are working together on a revitalized OCS program to strengthen efforts to educate and change behaviour in the plastics industry with a goal of zero plastic resin loss. ACC and PLASTICS are firmly committed to this effort and are encouraging plastics companies to participate in the OCS program, which includes the practices and tools outlined in this manual.

In 2023, Plastics Europe and EuPC, the association of European Plastics Converters launched the OCS Europe certification scheme aimed at controlling and documenting compliance with requirements targeting minimization of pellet loss across the entire plastic supply chain. The certification scheme is built on the principles of the Operation Clean Sweep® programme further strengthening the industry voluntary initiative.

“We remain committed to working with all stakeholders to further refine this proposal (Global Plastics Agreement) and ensure the success of the subsequent legislation.”

Watch the video below to learn more about how Operation Clean Sweep® works at companies that have taken the pledge.