Braskem & Terra Circular


Upsyde, a joint venture of Braskem and Terra Circular, is committed to making a tangible impact by upcycling mixed and hard-to-recycle plastic waste.

Upsyde focuses on developing and manufacturing various reusable products – including pallets, road plates and heavy-duty mats – moving the needle towards a circular economy where reusable products are made with plastic waste. This initiative supports Braskem’s 2030 targets, which includes diverting 1.5 Mt of plastic waste from incineration, landfills, and the environment. With an existing installed capacity of over 20 Kt per year, Upsyde plans to further expand its operations, leveraging its patented smart upcycling technology to contribute to a sustainable future.

Shell and BlueAlp signed a strategic partnership to develop, scale and deploy BlueAlp’s plastic waste to chemical feedstock technology.
Successful Inkwazi Isu Project reduces waste, empowers the local community and fosters economic growth
Dale Vida al Plástico (Bring Plastics to Life) strives to change consumer behaviour on plastic waste
SABIC’s “Safer Chemistry Programme” has been created in 2020 to reduce and manage the use of chemicals of concern in production processes.